Looking out over the water and walking along the beach is an important and integral part of my life.  So in deciding what designs to use in my art, I am often drawn to creating images of the beach and surrounding nature.  I usually use white for the sky, brown for the earth, and green for the water and grass.  The various shades of these colors are endless.  A seascape is wonderful way to showcase all those special pieces of sea glass.

Cape Blomidon
Sea Glass Eagle
Confederation Bridge
Sea Glass Heron 2021
Sailing in the Moonlight
9 Sailboats
Bridge view for child and pet (2)
Lighthouse at Howard's Cove
Family of Fish
The Beach is My Happy Place
Church window - Horse on the Cape
Sailboat Showcase
School of Fish
Ferry to PEI
Flying Heron
West Point Lighthouse
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
The Bridge
Along the Shore
Around the world - Under the Sea
Three Jellyfish
Our Beach
Sailing Regatta
Blue Heron
NS Sailboat
Lighthouse on the Rocks
Keep on Swimming
Overlook the Northumberland Strait
Blomidon View
Walk the Beach
Guiding Light
PEI Capes
Guiding light of Nova Scotia
Cape Blomidon