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Dimensions: 31.5"w X 24"h

Shipping is COD

This mosaic is made with genuine sea glass collected on beaches in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Sitting in a canoe out on the water looking out to the horizon and the shore is a peaceful place to be.  This mosaic is meant to hang in a window or a location where sun can shine through the sea glass and make it come alive.  This piece of art is meant to inspire people to listen to the pull of the beach and the beauty of maritime living.  I have found throughout my life that those little shards of glass that have been collected along the beach hold a tremendous power to pull me back to the beach when I hold them in my hand and look at them.  I can instantly return to the feeling of calm and peace that being at the beach always bring to me.  Sometimes when looking at sea glass I have collected, I can feel the heat from the sun and hear the gentle lapping of waves along the shore.  Other times, I can feel the force of strong winds and roar of the waves as they crash with awesome strength.

On the Water

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