I am often inspired by nature, especially trees, birds, and flowers.  Using sea glass to depict landscapes adds dimension to the picture.  The three main colors of sea glass - brown for earth, green for land, and white for sky - lend themselves well to creating landscapes.

Supermoon 2
Supermoon 1
Northern Lights
3 D Flower
Gliding Heron
Sailboat Showcase
Super moon and Tree
Fall Grass
Bed of Flowers
Church Window Flower
One Room Schoolhouse
Flying Heron
Grandma Suzie's Rocker
Jump for Joy
Once in a Blue Moon
Eagle in a Tree
Three Flowers
Fanciful Flowers
Tree of Life A
Tree of Life top
Tree of Life
Tree of Life - bottom
Fall Grass B
Fall Grass Top
Fall Grass Middle
Fall Grass Bottom
Scott's Car
Celtic Cross