Abstract Seaglass Designs

I quickly realized that by drawing a line on a piece of paper and putting it under the glass I could place sea glass along the line and use the lines to create whatever design I wanted.  You will see a lot of flowing lines in my mosaics, as well as straight directional lines.  One of my favorite things about sea glass is that no two shapes are the same, so it is in the arranging of all these shapes to see how they may “fit” that a mosaic becomes so interesting.  No two pieces ever really “fit”, yet when placed beside one another they just seem to “belong”. 

Rocks and Stream
Tree of Life 2
Creating Waves in PEI
Creating waves in France
Megan's flower garden
Mom's Sailboat
Pam's sailboat
PEI Sailboat
Mariners Compass
Flower Garden
Mariner's Compass
California Sand Dollar
Rocks and Stream
Flowing Lines
Mariner's Compass
Flowing Lines
The Trinity
Land Water Sky
Thanks Dad