Jackie Trimper

I first discovered the wonders of sea glass as a very young child.  As far back as I can remember I can recall walking on the beaches of Prince Edward Island where I lived and beachcombing was always an exciting part of the beach hike.  We would always collect unique pieces of driftwood, buoys that had been broken from their traps in a wind storm, rocks, and shells.   But no discovery was as thrilling as when the sun glinted off a piece of glass that had been tossed by the waves in the sand and gravel to form a smooth finish.  It was an exciting time in 2008 when my dad was building a cottage for me and my family so our expanding family will always have a place to come and continue the tradition of summer visits at the cottage. When I suggested to my father that we put a window in one of the interior walls between two rooms in the cottage, he suggested I cover the glass in the window with sea glass. And so it began - my quest to create a mosaic of sea glass. I didn’t know of anyone who had done something like this before so I had to create my own process.  After some experimenting, I completing one sample piece before I ventured on to complete the window. By the time I finished it, I knew I had discovered a hobby that would remain an integral part of my life. Using recycled picture and window frames has appealed to me, and I have sought out old frames to use as a canvas for my mosaic art.  It seems fitting that old broken glass from the sea is placed on old discarded glass and frames.


Although I love to work with Sea Glass, I also do Quilt art.  Click on this button to see my Quilt Art